Month: June 2017

New project on CFS studs with less than perfect bearing kicks off

The American Iron and Steel Institute has recently selected CFSRC Affiliated Investigators Dr. Kara Peterman (UMass-Amherst) and Dr. Zhanjie Li (SUNY-IT) to lead a new project to investigate the impact of less than perfect bearing conditions for steel studs. Conditions

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New NSF project on seismic resiliency of CFS-framed buildings

NSF has awarded the CFSRC team of Tara Hutchinson (UCSD) and Ben Schafer (JHU) a new multi-year project to investigate Seismic Resiliency of Repetitively Framed Mid-Rise Cold-Formed Steel Buildings. The NSF award announcements are linked here for UCSD and JHU.

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Trove of CFSRC reports made openly available

CFSRC released a large trove of CFS research reports, going back to 2000, based on research from CFSRC investigators today. The reports are permanently housed in the CFSRC Collection at DSpace in the Johns Hopkins Library. The reports cover a

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