New project on CFS studs with less than perfect bearing kicks off

The American Iron and Steel Institute has recently selected CFSRC Affiliated Investigators Dr. Kara Peterman (UMass-Amherst) and Dr. Zhanjie Li (SUNY-IT) to lead a new project to investigate the impact of less than perfect bearing conditions for steel studs. Conditions

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New NSF project on seismic resiliency of CFS-framed buildings

NSF has awarded the CFSRC team of Tara Hutchinson (UCSD) and Ben Schafer (JHU) a new multi-year project to investigate Seismic Resiliency of Repetitively Framed Mid-Rise Cold-Formed Steel Buildings. The NSF award announcements are linked here for UCSD and JHU.

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Trove of CFSRC reports made openly available

CFSRC released a large trove of CFS research reports, going back to 2000, based on research from CFSRC investigators today. The reports are permanently housed in the CFSRC Collection at DSpace in the Johns Hopkins Library. The reports cover a

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CFSRC at AISI Committee on Specifications and Committee on Framing Standards Meetings

February means the American Iron and Steel Institute Committee on Specifications (for Cold-Formed Steel) and Committee on (Cold-Formed Steel) Framing Standards (AISI COS/COFS) are meeting, this time in Orlando. These meetings focus on advancing the standards that support cold-formed steel

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New affiliated investigator: Prof. Tara Hutchinson

CFSRC is please to announce the affiliation of Prof. Tara Hutchinson. Prof. Hutchinson recently completed successful full-scale shake table testing on a mid-rise CFS framed building, full details available at the project website. Prof. Hutchinson has long been associated with

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CFSRC leads major research initiative on steel deck diaphragms

As detailed at CFSRC has spearheaded a large multi-instutition research effort to innovate and improve our prediction abilities for the seismic performance of steel deck diaphragms. The work is a large collaborative effort and has received funding from industry

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CFSRC co-hosts Stability Conference in Baltimore November 2016

CFSRC is proud to be a co-host for the 7th International Conference on Coupled Instabilities in Metal Structures (CIMS2016) which will be held 7-8 November 2016 in Baltimore Maryland. This conference has always provided a unique forum for discussing thorny

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CFSRC Announces Three New Affiliated Investigators

CFSRC is pleased to announce that Dr. Zhanjie Li, Dr. Kara Peterman, and Dr. Michael Seek have all been approved as new affiliated investigators. “This addition of talent, and connection to new schools greatly expands the CFSRC and is aligned

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AISI Finalizes Affiliation with CFSRC

The CFSRC is pleased to announce that the American Iron & Steel Institute (AISI) has finalized its affiliation as a founding and integral industry partner of the CFSRC. “AISI has truly been with us since the inception of the CFSRC

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UNT formally joins CFSRC

The University of North Texas (UNT) formally joined the Cold-Formed Steel Research Consortium in October 2014. UNT Principal Investigator Professor Cheng Yu has had long-term collaborations with CFSRC researchers and was already an Affiliated Investigator of the CFSRC. Dr. Yu

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