Trove of CFSRC reports made openly available

CFSRC released a large trove of CFS research reports, going back to 2000, based on research from CFSRC investigators today. The reports are permanently housed in the CFSRC Collection at DSpace in the Johns Hopkins Library.

The reports cover a wide variety of topics from cold-formed steel research including local buckling, distortional buckling, fastener testing, building testing, and more. A list of the titles just made available with direct links follow:

Schafer, B.W. 2000 Distortional Buckling of Cold-Formed Steel Columns Final Report R-2000-01

Schafer, B.W., Yu, C. 2002 Test Verification of the Effect of Stress Gradient on Webs of Cees and Zee Sections Final Report R-2002-01

Yu, C., Schafer, B.W. 2005 Distortional Buckling of Cold-Formed Steel Members in Bending Final Report R-2005-01

Schafer, B.W., Sangree, R.H., Guan, Y. 2007 Experiments on Rotational Restraint of Sheathing Final Report R-2007-01

Schafer, B.W., Vieira, L., Iourio, O. 2008 AISI Design Methods for Sheathing Braced Design of Wall Studs in Compression Progress Report R-2008-01

Guan, Y., Schafer, B.W. 2008 Analytical Study on Rotational Restraint of Sheathing Final Report R-2008-02

Moen, C.D. 2008 Direct Strength Design of Cold-Formed Steel Members with Perforations Thesis/Final Report R-2008-03

Shifferaw, Y., Schafer, B.W. 2008 Inelastic Bending Capacity in Cold-Formed Steel Members Report R-2008-04

Vieira, L. 2011 Behavior and Design of Sheathed Cold-Formed Steel Stud Walls under Compression Thesis/Final Report R-2011-01

Madsen, R.L., Nakata, N., Schafer, B.W. 2011 CFS-NEES Building Structural Design Narrative CFS-NEES Report RR01 R-2011-02

Peterman, K.D. 2012 Experiments on the Stability of Sheathed Cold-Formed Steel Studs Under Axial Load and Bending Thesis/Final Report R-2012-01

Post, B. 2012 Fastener Spacing Study of Cold-Formed Steel Wall Studs Using Finite Strip and Finite Element Methods Report R-2012-02

Ayhan, D., Schafer, B.W. 2012 Moment-Rotation Characterization of Cold-Formed Steel Beams CFS-NEES Report RR02 R-2012-03

Liu, P., Peterman, K.D., Schafer, B.W. 2012 Test Report on Cold-Formed Steel Shear Walls CFS-NEES Report RR03 R-2012-04

Peterman, K.D., Schafer, B.W. 2013 Hysteretic shear response of fasteners connecting sheathing to cold-formed steel studs CFS-NEES Report RR04 R-2013-01

Schafer, B.W. 2013 Sheathing Braced Design of Wall Studs Final Report R-2013-02

Peterman, K.D. 2014 Behavior of Full-Scale Cold-Formed Steel Buildings under Seismic Excitations Thesis/Final Report R-2014-01

Leng, J. 2015 Simulation of cold-formed steel structures Thesis/Final Report R-2015-01

Torabian, S., Zheng, B., Shifferaw, Y., Schafer, B.W. 2016 Direct Strength Prediction of Cold-Formed Steel Beam-Columns Final Report R-2016-01

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