Industry Affiliates

Consistent with our mission CFSRC partners with leaders in the cold-formed steel industry. The American Iron & Steel Institute, website has worked with the CFSRC as a sustaining partner providing annual funding for CFSRC activities.

More on Affiliation with CFSRC
Affiliation with the Consortium provides preferential access to the Principal Investigators, students, and facilities of the Consortium. A representative of the industry or association that affiliates will be offered a seat on the Advisory Board. The Advisory Board is involved in the annual strategic planning and research planning process of the Consortium. Membership rates for industry and association affiliation are set by the Executive Board. CFSRC  supplies an annual financial statement to the Executive Board and Advisory Board. It is the intent of the Consortium that the focus of funding from industry affiliations is used to grow cold-formed steel related research in general, and perform cold-formed steel related research in particular.

Companies that have formally affiliated with CFSRC include Geometrica, website, and NBM Technologies, website. Through its research projects CFSRC has active collaborations with a broad spectrum of companies in the cold-formed steel industry.

CFSRC is currently in negotiations with other industry and association affiliates.