The CFSRC has performed and maintains a large number of projects. Large-scale projects from the CFSRC include:

Sample of Current Projects
Steel Diaphragm Innovation Initiative
CFS-NHERI (Earthquake Engineering of CFS-framed buildings)
Stud Bearing on Concrete
ASCE 41 for CFS
CFS-framed Diaphragms
Efficient Computational Models of CFS Shear Walls
MASTAN and CUFSM integration effort
Blast in CFS-framed buildings
CFS fillet weld performance
Steel deck sidelap stiffness and strength testing

Sample of Past projects
Archetypes for CFS-framed Buildings
CFS-NEES (EQ Eng. of CFS-framed buildings)
System Reliability of Cold-Formed Steel Structures
Spirally Welded Wind Turbine Towers
Energy Dissipation and Buckling Mitigation Through the Use of Steel Foams

see Reports for more.